Mike Johnson Name:Mike Johnson
Birth: 02/09/1965
City: El Paso
Nationality: America
Number of Dakars: 0
Target: Finish


Mike already was excepted in Dakar 2013, but unfortunately he had to withdraw due to an injury, so he will be more then motivated for this year’s Dakar. He started racing motocross in 1980, in 2006 he started racing local desert races in an attempt to gain experience in the desert scene. He has been the Class 30 (over 30 years) “Best in the Desert”  champion in 2009 and 2010 and as he says: “ I, like many others, have always wanted to race in the Dakar Rally.

As one of the current fastest desert racers in the US I believe that I can fulfill this dream and produce a high-level finish in the upcoming 2014 Dakar”.